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Educational Materials

June 2010:

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - III (WIAT-III)

Wake County Schools is sponsoring a full-day WIAT-III training on Thursday, June 24th. Gail Rodin Ph.D. will spend the first two hours reviewing what's new with the test, then spend the remainder of the day on scoring of the Written Expression subtests, primarily Essay Composition. Dr. Rodin is an Assessment Consultant for the Clinical Assessment division of the WIAT-III's publisher, Pearson, Inc.

The training is free and is open to anyone who'd like to attend. If you plan to go, please just notify Marc Giandenoto (919-858-3224; in WCPSS.

Posted here is a copy of the Quick Score Guide we developed for Essay Composition, which most folks find easier to use than the Scoring Guide in the software.Quick Score Guide to the WIAT-III

May 2008:

  • Read about "Improving Academic Performance: Does my child have a working memory deficit?"- PowerPoint Presentation
  • White Paper on Training the Working Memory

April 2008:
Presentation by Dr. Keith Yount. "Pediatric Headache: Not every headache is a migraine."

  • Listen to the MP3 Podcast by Dr. Yount; RSS file here.
  • View the handouts, article, and pain impact rating scale provided by Dr. Yount.


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