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All members of Triangle CAAR provide a variety of standard clinical services, including psychotherapy, assessments, and consultations. Additionally, some of our members provide unusual or specialized services that include the following:  

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Dr. Reid Whiteside
Dr. Monica Summers

Social Skills Groups

Led by Dr. Matt Mendel

  • Elementary Aged Children: Wednesday 4-5:15pm; weekly
  • Middle School Aged: Thursday 5-6:15pm; weekly
  • High School Teens: Thursday 6:45-8pm; weekly

Parent Coordinator Services

Dr. Annette Baker

Cognitive Training

Dr. Susan McClure- Brain Train Software Suite

Comprehensive Child Custody Evaluations

Dr. Annette Baker

Neuro-psychiatric evaluations and medication

Dr. Thomas Gualtieri

Cogmed Training - Psychoeducational Clinic - NCSU

Working Memory Training

Dr. Patsy Collins

Cogmed working memory training is a research-supported program that trains the brain to attend and remember. Research on the Cogmed program has shown that after completing the program, 8 out of 10 individuals show significant improvements in symptoms associated with the attention problems that are a core aspect of attention deficits. Furthermore, these improvements appear to be long-lasting.  Many who take the Cogmed training find improvements in academic areas such written expression, math, and reading comprehension as well.

The Cogmed program has preschool, child, and adult versions and is completed at home on a computer with the assistance of a training aide (usually a parent or spouse) and a coach.  The program consists of 13 game-like (but challenging!) exercises with a racing game reward at the end.  The program takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete, and training occurs 5 days a week for 5 weeks, though some flexibility exists in this schedule.   

For more information you can visit the Cogmed website (, a working memory website ( and the clinic's website ( You can contact us at 515-1713 or through email at:

ACES Academic Coaching for Educational Success- NCSU

Dr. Patsy Collins

ACES is a program to support adolescents and young adults whose grades do not reflect their potential due to ineffective time management, study strategies, or organizational skills.  The program is individualized to the needs of each student and begins with an initial diagnostic and goal-setting session.  Once initial goals are developed, students work with their coach to develop relevant strategies to meet those goals.  In the case of   adolescents, students' progress is monitored and regular feedback is given to parents.

For more information you can visit the clinic's website (, contact us at 515-1713, or email us at:

Study Skills Summer Camp for Middle School Students - Psychoeducational Clinic - NCSU

Dr. Patsy Collins

The Study Skills course is typically offered the first or second week in August.  Students come daily for a two-hour morning or afternoon session.  The course focuses on three areas: organization, learning strategies, and test-taking skills. Topics covered within the Organizational component include organization of notebooks and school materials (notes, hand-outs, tests, parent-teacher correspondence, etc.), and time management (breaking long-term assignments into smaller parts, scheduling time properly to study for tests, etc.).

Topics covered within the Learning Strategies component include how to use memory to best advantage, mnemonics, reading comprehension techniques, and classroom etiquette.

Topics covered within the Test-Taking component include how to prepare for tests, how to takes tests, and a relaxation technique. 

For more information you can visit the clinic's website
(, contact us at 515-1713, or email us at:

"What's Necessary for a Good ADHD Evaluation?"
A lecture presented by Gail Rodin, Ph.D.
Gail Rodin, Ph.D.

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