Public, Free, or Emergency Services

Free or emergency services available to the public from community agencies:

  • Raleigh Men's Center: 919-362-6204
  • Holly Hill/Charter: 919-250-7000
  • Hopeline, Crisis Line: 919-231-4525
  • Safe Place: 919-832-7866
  • Urban Ministries of Raleigh, Crisis Intervention Line: 919-834-4707
  • Helpline for Teens: 919-231-4525
  • Rape Crisis Center, 24 hour crisis line: 919-828-3005
  • Wrenn House: 919-832-7866
  • Triangle Family Services: 919-821-0790, web site
  • Mental Health Center of Wake County: 919-250-3100, web site
  • Interact of Wake County: 919-828-7740, web site
  • Division TEACCH- Division of UNC Dept of Psychiatry 919-966-2174, web site

The following resources have been suggested by at least one of our members or clients to have been helpful. No endorsement by Triangle CAAR is made or implied.

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Professional Associations*

Attention Deficit Disorders:

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Families & Couples:

Learning Disabilities

Miscellaneous Organizations:

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